Thursday, October 1, 2009

Social Networking Trifecta

That's right, we are now blogging, tweeting, and facebooking! I'm not sure the last is actually a verb; but, who knows? I didn't used to think friend was a verb either... how things have changed with social networking!

It has been quite a project to get all of these accounts up and running. Since we are new to all of this, we are constantly checking out your blogs, tweets & wall posts. One of my very favorite blog entries about Stonewall kitchen is from Sues of We are not Martha.

She says: "If you live in New England, I strongly encourage you to take the trek to York, Maine, and try a class at Stonewall Kitchen. Actually don’t, because the classes fill up quickly enough as it is; I don’t want them to fill up any faster!"
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Pumpkin pumpkin class at Stonewall Kitchen

The Afternoon Store has been kind enough to blog about us three times this month! Check our what they have to say about our Pancakes, Savory, and sweets!

Thanks to Sues, The Afternoon Store, and all of you, our fans & followers for helping to make our first month of social networking a success!

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