Friday, October 16, 2009

New Cookbooks

I just got my own copies of our two newest cookbooks, created by our owners here at Stonewall Kitchen – Jonathan King and Jim Stott. I was excited to take them last night and check them out. I think these are my favorite cookbooks that Jonathan, Jim, and author Kathy have put together (Honestly, I am not trying for a promotion. :) They are smaller (easier to have in the kitchen while cooking), cheaper (better for you), yet still have all the great recipes and images that you have come to love.

Not only are the images beautiful, (I wouldn’t buy one without pictures – how would I know if I made it look right?) but it was so well written with great wit and a down to earth flair. Some of the copy is humorous and I was cracking up out loud reading, but the real deal is that there are so many great recipes for every occasion. I am usually intimidated by complicated recipes. Not so with these cookbooks – I think I could pull off most of these recipes (well, not so sure about the desserts, but not my thing any way). Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that any accomplished cook would love these cookbooks as well (again so many great and “fancy” recipes), it is just that the instructions are so well written a novice could make them come out perfectly. They also have entire menus for breakfast and for special holidays to help you plan.

Maybe it is kismet, (not sure) but my neighbor left two gallons of fresh apple cider on my door step while I was at work. I just read in the Winter Celebrations book that I can make Apple Cider Jelly with it. My only contemplation - let the cider age and get a bit sassy or go for the jelly. Since I have 2 gallons (and I don’t have to peel any apples – so lazy), I am going to make some jelly. I can’t wait to give it a try (as well as some other ones that have already caught my eye), my house will smell simply amazing on Saturday.

I am seriously giving these cookbooks for Christmas (well done Jonathan and Jim) autographed too – bonus! Oh BTW – here are the links Winter Celebrations and Breakfast – check them out!

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