Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stonewall Kitchen Cafe

In my haste to get my kids and myself out of the house this morning, I left my lunch sitting on the kitchen counter. Luckily for me, we have the Stonewall Kitchen Cafe connected to our offices here in York.

When lunchtime rolled around, I headed to the cafe and tried to decide exactly what I wanted. It is always such a hard decision becuase there are so many yummy selections. I usually have the Stonewall Kitchen Cafe Salad with grilled chicken on top. I know it might not sound that exciting but it really is a great salad. I am not sure what they do to make it so good; maybe it is the fresh mixed greens with cucumbers, grape tomatoes, sliced red onion, carrots, green beans, and radishes, topped with feta cheese and a slice of ciabatta bread on the side. Today however, I decided to go with the Tuscan Sandwich, another one of my favorites. It is fresh Mozzarella, sliced cucumbers, green leaf lettuce, and vine-ripened tomatoes with Stonewall Kitchen Basil Aoili on ciabatta bread with a drizzle of Stonewall Kitchen Sweet Basil Oil. It was delicious! I did however pass on the mouth watering whoopie pies that were calling my name.

Next time you are in the area, try lunch or breakfast, or even just a latte at the Stonewall Kitchen Cafe, you won't be disappointed.

Maybe I will just have to forget my lunch again tomorrow!

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