Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting in the Holiday spirit!

Today we had our annual Halloween parade. Design tied the cooking school for best group costume. What do you think? We won pizza parties... yum!

(These & more photos posted by Richard on the Cooking School's Facebook page)

And the individual costume winners received Stonewall Kitchen gift certificates!

Are you excited for Halloween? I happen to live in Salem, MA so for me it's been Halloween since October 1st! It has been fun to watch the Ferris wheel & fried dough vendors roll into town as the festivities begin. Here at work people keep asking me about what's happening in Salem. If you're looking for the official Halloween experience there is no place like it! Here is a link to all of the events in Salem, MA. It is just one hour away from Stonewall Kitchen in York, ME.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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