Friday, October 9, 2009

Columbus Day

A long holiday weekend for some is on the horizon. The leaves, I believe, are just about peak on the coast (may be a little more in some areas) and I think it will be a busy weekend on the coast of Maine. It is beginning to enter the OMG I can't believe how incredibly gorgeous it is here state of mind. The vistas are distracting and I can't get enough of it. Maybe I'll play leaf-peeper and go for a fall foliage drive this weekend. Perfect for a walk on the beach and visiting your favorite stores along the coast. Stop in and see us – check out our locations.

I might be pushing it - but I really want to have one big last barbeque this weekend for Columbus Day. BBQ Burgers with beers and some wood stacking. I will hit the store before I leave for the weekend to grab some mustard, and of course our gourmet ketchup. So Happy Columbus Day everyone (does anyone really say that?) Cheers!

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