Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We have new packaging

Have you heard about (or seen) our new packaging and new products? We now have a "new look" to our dessert sauces and fruit butters. They all contain the same delicious recipes and amount as our previous jars, but the best news is the new lower price!!!
Key Lime Curd is one of our newest toppings. If you love our lemon curd – you must try our Key Lime Curd.

Laurie says: I am lucky enough to be on the tasting panel (I am sure the panel has a different name than that however). We receive notices to go to the lab and sample and evaluate new food products. It is pretty interesting to taste three of the same products with each one boasting a unique flavor.

Katie says: I may not be lucky enough to be on the official panel - but I do get to taste a lot of new products! Since I need to photograph them before they can be shown online or in the catalog - I usually end up having a taste when I'm done with it on set. Don't worry, I shared some fruit butter and biscuits with Sam in HR!

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  1. Yum-o! Lime Curd? Can't wait to try it....I made a lemon cupcake stuffed with your lemon curd once and it was too good!


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