Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jamming in Seattle - Jam Tour Day #2 Recap

It's Day 2 of our fantastic Wild Maine Blueberry Tour, and Stacy and I can't wait to get started. Today is going to be a day of store visits plus a little bit of sightseeing. We'd better have an early start. Good things my sister called me at 8:00 am ET forgetting that I was in Seattle instead of Portland, Maine ... that makes it a 5:00am wake up call for us! Well, no time like the present, we might as well begin the day!

We begin the day with breakfast at Starbucks! A quasi-funny place for two tea drinkers ... but as the saying goes ... "When in Rome ..." The hot chocolate and Chai that we order are a great kickoff to the day.

A short walk from our hotel is the Pike Place Public Market.
We head down there and enjoy the sights.

First thing we see is Corner Produce. These guys are displaying a huge assortment of beautiful, colorful vegetables. It has the look of a summer harvest, yet it is January. We left several jars of our Wild Maine Blueberry Jam with these guys. They'll be enjoying the jam themselves and sharing with their customers as well. If you are in the area, stop in to see them and enjoy some of the best jam available.

Next stop, the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market. We just had to see it. They sing, they shout ... they throw fish. All in a good day's work. Have a look at what we found tangled up in their Dungeness Crabs.

And even the fish here are eating our jam.
Looks like our Jam Tour is having quite an effect!

Mid-day, we were at West Seattle Thriftway where we again were thrilled to meet so many new fans of our jams and specialty foods. The staff at this store is by far one of the nicest teams. They are 100% focused on making it a great experience for their customers. And I think they must hold the record for the quickest checkout line. If you don't want to linger in the checkout aisle reading the magazine covers, then this is a great store for you.

In the afternoon, we were at QFC near the University. Look at the flowers outside of their store. More evidence that we are not in Maine. We gave away hundreds of jars of jam.

My favorite takeaway from today is the sheer joy that people experience when it clicks in their mind that ... yes, we are simply giving them a free jar of jam. No catch, no gimmick. Just a great jar of jam to enjoy. You can see their posture change as the smile comes across their face.

Stacy and I closed the day with dessert. A friend from home suggested that we check out the ice cream sundaes at Icon Grill knowing how much we love dessert. I can't repeat her actual words, but the gist was that this dessert would be ridiculously great. So we had to try it. Cynthia wasn't exaggerating. An edible bowl filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with a cone filled with hot fudge ... and a sweet waiter ready to dress the sundae with M&Ms, cookies and of course whipped cream. A little of everything please. And with that, the day is done.

Thank you Seattle for a great launch to our tour. We have fallen in love with this city over the past three days and will now begin dreaming of a return visit. Tomorrow, we head to San Francisco.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the hot fudge sundae and Wild Ginger it is amazing...only one left on your list should be Serious Pie. I am craving the food in one of my favorite towns, Seattle! Glad also to hear the Jam Tour is a success where ever you go! Blizzardly hear, enjoy the west coast guys, safe trip home! Cynthia


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