Monday, January 4, 2010

Foodie Resolutions?

What are your foodie resolutions for 2010? Cook dinner at home more? Bake the perfect batch of brownies? Eat out at that one restaurant you’ve always dreamed of visiting? Open your own restaurant?

It’s a lot easier to make New Year’s resolutions than it is to keep them. I’ve heard statistics that say anywhere from 50 to 92% of all resolutions are not kept. They say that the trick to keeping a resolution is to break them down into smaller, more manageable goals. So, if you want to cook at home more, you might start out by cooking a big dinner once a week so that there will be plenty of leftovers for another dinner and a lunch or two. Gradually work up to more nights, or encourage yourself further by saying you’ll try a new dish or two from a favorite cookbook. Did we mention we have two new cookbooks?

This year, I’m just not quite sure what my big resolution is going to be, but traveling more, taking an international cooking class (check out our cooking school schedule) are definite goals of mine. I’d also like to hold a few more contests on Facebook with giveaways for all of you readers. Beyond that, I’ll have to make them up as I go through 2010! What about you?


  1. One of my foodie resolutions is to keep bugging Stonewall Kitchen about their decision to discontinue chocolate pancake mix. I never found out why or who made that decision, but I think its a poor one!

  2. MrStargate,

    We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for our products! It's too bad there weren't more people out there who loved them as much as you did! While we thought it would be a great product, it was discontinued due to low customer demand. We know it's not all chocolate, but did you know we make a chocolate chip pancake mix?

    We hope this will be a good substitute for you.

    Happy New Year!


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