Friday, January 8, 2010

Chillin' and Grillin'

Don’t let the season determine your outdoor cooking. Even though it’s chillin’ it’s thrillin’ to be grillin’ no matter what the temperature is outside. Over 60 percent of Americans don’t mind putting on the parka to grill their favorite meal even if some of the sizzle comes from a snow flurry or two.

The perks are the same as in summer…the fabulous flavor, a break from meatloaf, and the absence of pots and pans in the sink. Most extreme grillers go with a gas fueled grill…no waiting for coals to heat up while you literally chill out. But there are diehard charcoal grillers who relish the flavor and aroma only charcoal can give…even if cooking takes a tad longer.

So there’s no need to put your grill away for the winter. Instead, put on a few extra layers of clothing and head out for the deck and your favorite grill for some punch in your winter menu.

That being said, have you tried our Sesame Ginger Teriyaki Sauce yet? You can make an incredible meal in minutes with chicken, beef or pork. I love using it as a marinade when grilling. Share your winter grilling recipes with us!

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  1. Winter grillin' oustide in Maine,
    To me sounds just a little insane,
    But if the word is "just gas it!"
    From Chef Laurie Bassett,
    I'll go get the tank of propane.


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