Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Jams!

We are so very excited to introduce our new jam flavors to you!
Blueberry Peach Jam
Peach Jam
Mixed Berry Jam
Strawberry Balsamic Jam

Kim has been busy developing new recipes for these new jams and I've been hard at work photographing (and tasting) them.

Here's a great tip for the first three on the list (or almost any of our jams and butters). Serve this spread at your next brunch and your guests will be impressed with your culinary skills! Don't worry, we won't tell that it is actually quick & easy to make.

Blueberry Peach Spread
Makes 1 ½ cups

8 ounces cream cheese (or butter), softened
½ cup Stonewall Kitchen Blueberry Peach Jam

Cream the softened cream cheese and Stonewall Kitchen Blueberry Peach Jam until uniformly blended. Refrigerate until ready to use. Delicious on toast, bagels, English muffins and croissants.

Our new Strawberry Balsamic Jam is not sweet like our other new jams, but it is also not quite a savory - like our Roasted Garlic Onion Jam. I couldn't wait to try it, but I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to use it. Well... Kim to the rescue! She created a panini that is simply to die for. I saved some from the photo shoot to share with my coworker Jamie. She declared that it was "the best sandwich I've ever had!" And, I might just have to agree! Give this recipe a try and let Jamie and I know if you love it as much as we do!

Chicken, Brie, and Arugula Panini
Made with Strawberry Balsamic Jam
Serves 4

1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, pounded to ½ inch thickness
Olive oil
8 slices of bread, preferably crusty or rustic bread
1 jar Stonewall Kitchen Strawberry Balsamic Jam
8 ounces Brie cheese, thinly sliced
2 ounces arugula or baby spinach leaves

1. Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil over medium high heat in a medium size sauté pan. Sauté chicken breast until cooked through and juices run clear. Let rest and slice.
2. Brush one side of each slice of bread with olive oil. Turn slices over and generously spread the Stonewall Kitchen Strawberry Balsamic Jam over each slice. Layer arugula, sliced chicken and Brie cheese over four of the slices. Top with remaining slice of bread (olive oil side out). Cook sandwiches in a Panini maker until golden brown and cheese melts. *

* If you do not have a Panini maker you can use a sauté pan or grill pan and press down on sandwich as it cooks on both sides.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you guys--I think you both have the best job ever! That sandwich just made my stomach grumble--it looks incredible!


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