Friday, January 15, 2010

Jamming in Seattle -- Jam Tour Day #1

What a great first day for the Jam Tour. Seattle is a beautiful city, the views are amazing. The tour is being kicked off by myself and Laura, both of us from the marketing team. We were lucky enough to need to criss-cross the city a few times as we headed back and forth to Bellevue. Amazing coastline spots (and we thought Maine had that nailed!) with the snowcapped mountains in the near distance ... it is truly spectacular.

We gave out free sample jars of Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, coupons and offered tastings of our jam on our Simple White crackers. We were very well received everywhere we went. The most common response we got when we asked people if they wanted a free jar of Blueberry Jam was "Who could pass that up?" Yes, a few skeptics asked "What's the catch?" ... nope, no catch! One gentleman was so happy he says he is going to include us in his will. Now that's showing some love for our Wild Maine Blueberry Jam!

Another lucky perk of being in Seattle for the tour is that my brother lives out here. He and his family treated us to an incredible dinner at Wild Ginger in Bellevue. Their menu offers that each diner "take a culinary tour of China and Southeast Asia". And they state that "Our staff is here to guide and inspire you." Well, inspired we were. The food is served family style (if you wish, and we did), so we quickly found our table overflowing with curried tofu, beef and prawn satay, mushroom and snowpeas, seafood Thai noodles and more. The food was amazing. And I have to say how impressed Laura and I were that my 4-13 year-old niece and nephews devoured the food right along with us. Wild Ginger boasts one of the best wine lists and they have received accolades from Wine Spectator. We enjoyed our dinner with a very nice, smooth Syrah. Finished it off with banana, coconut and ginger flavored desserts. Nothing could have improved the evening!

It is so great to be able to meet our fans face to face. Some of you arrived after recieving our twitter and facebook messages. We're glad the word is getting out. We are just getting ready to start day #2 on the tour. We hope to see more people out today. We will be heading to West Seattle Thriftway at noon and then QFC on 2746 NE 45th Street.

Join the tour, and if you can't, let someone near us know. We will keep you updated on our whereabouts. In the meantime you can check out our entire schedule to see if we will be visiting a city near you.

(Photo from luthor522)

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