Monday, September 28, 2009

Embrace Fall

That is what I learned this past weekend. I spent an absolutely gorgeous day on Saturday, apple picking with some of my family. While my kids are well past the age where the thought of spending the day with mom in a field picking apples is fun, we have a whole new generation that is about to be enlightened.
My nephew Jack had his first encounter with the tradition, and although he is still too young to climb the trees, drink the delicious cider and eat at least a ½ dozen cider donuts (ok, we did slip him a few small bites), he did bring the joy back to it. As my brother-in-law and I bantered back and forth about the various types of apples and my preferences when it comes to making pies and such, Jack just smiled taking it all in … the sun, the trees, the busy orchard full of fellow pickers all brand new to him. Watching him try to eat the apples with his four new little teeth … puckering his lips when he bit into a tart variety – it was such a fun day.
I look forward to sharing these firsts with him as he grows and look forward to the smile he brings back to my face while we do them!

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