Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Well, it is 80 degrees here in Maine today as we watch the trees starting to turn. We do always have a warm spell in September and this year it appears we are having a whole week of balmy temps. We're feeling the pace of things pick up a bit here in York even with the passage of summer. Stonewall Kitchen is definitely a 4th quarter kind of company because our products are ideal for gifts and people entertain much more during the holidays and are always looking for new recipes.

We actually get quite a few tour buses coming in during the autumn months. Lucky people who have time to take a bus tour through New England often get driven to our York store for an hour or so stop. We love seeing them come in and have gotten to know many of the drivers. Seniors and "not so senior" groups all seem to enjoy the experience. At this time of year they can still wander through the gardens (the dahlias and the salvia are still blooming beautifully!). Jackie Nooney, our landscaper has planted all the mums for fall and with the late afternoon light it is beautiful out there. It is a nice place to relax and enjoy this weather for sure!

Come into our Viewing Gallery and you'll see the production staff is up to their elbows in jam trying to get inventory produced for the holidays! We have a set up where people can come in and see the factory, watch the jars get filled and labeled and read about the overall process. Our visitors can meander through the Cooking School or go over to the store, shop a little and sample the very item they just saw being made in the Production Kitchen. And, if they have time they can have breakfast or lunch in our Cafe .... lobster BLT's hopefully!

Anyway, so if you're in Maine or somewhere close by to York, think about stopping in to Stonewall Kitchen for a visit. I promise you'll have a great experience and leave with more than a little bit of the flavor of Maine!

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