Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cook or baker?

Yes – its official the leaves are just starting to change – so fall is on its way. Around Stonewall Kitchen this time of year there are many smells of apple and warm dishes being prepared.

I wish I could whip up some of the beautiful baked goods that I see coming out of our kitchen. But here is my deal - I am definitely a cook not a baker. (Luckily for myself and my family I can cook!) But this time of year I always attempt to do some baking and half way thru the process ask myself WHY did I start this? May be I don’t have the patience for measuring and waiting for the baking process, since I rarely measure may be that accounts for my disappointing baked goods!

Last night I made stuffed Portobello’s with quinoa, bell peppers, tomato, a little cheese and my favorite Stonewall Kitchen Habanero Mango Hot Sauce.

I am curious . . . what are your thoughts? Are you either a cook/chef or baker or both?

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  1. Kinda both. I LOVE to bake and am really good at it but I'm a pretty good cook too...can just kinda put things together and they come out good. If I HAD to pick I'd say I'm a's truly a passion!


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