Saturday, December 5, 2009

Swapping Ideas

We have some great ideas to help you with your Yankee Swaps and Cookie Swaps. For those not familiar with a Yankee Swap, it does have Christmas related origins but can be done at any time of the year. It is believed that it was even done as far back as the Civil War.

There are many variations of a Yankee Swap, but the basic idea is that everyone finds and wraps a gift of the same value to bring to the party. Then each person picks a number, there should be just enough numbers for everyone. The person that picks number one gets to pick and open a present. The person with number two then either takes the gift from the first person or picks a new present to open. It continues on until everyone has opened a gift. It can get really interesting when people start taking presents from someone else. There can be lobbying, bartering or bargaining to get the best present or keep the one you have. After everyone has opened a gift, then the first person gets to pick any gift that they want from anyone else. As you can imagine number one is the best number to pick!

We have some great gifts for Yankee Swaps and they start with our Deal of the Day. Today we have our Holiday Breakfast Collection for 50% off the original price. Your gift will be the hit of the swap and the one that everyone is passing around. And today's deal will ensure that you will stay within your budget.

How about ideas for your next cookie swap? Check out our tip of the day from Day number five ... Decorating Holiday Cookies. With our Sugar Cookie Mix and our tips you can easily make these at home.

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