Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is that fruitcake?

As I was looking through the Globe magazine this morning I was stopped in my tracks by this beautiful photograph! Ok, I'll admit it, as a photographer I look at the Globe & Times magazines mostly for the photos. I saw this shot and thought, yum, what kind of holiday cake is that? We all know the jokes about the holiday fruit cake. In fact, I even made one last year to bring to a holiday party just because it was the most hilarious holiday food I could think of ... maraschino cherries and all. Well, Adam Ried, Jim Scherer & Catrine Kelty (writer, photographer & food stylist) have changed my opinion of this infamous holiday treat. Seeing this, how could you not be willing to give their version a try?

New-fashioned fruitcake - The Boston Globe

Photograph from the Boston Sunday Globe Magazine 12/13, Photography by Jim Scherer, Styling by Catrine Kelty (Unfortunately I had to scan it because I could not find the photograph on the Globe's website!)

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