Thursday, December 24, 2009

Warm cups of holiday cheer

Merry Christmas Eve! We hope that no matter how, and what, you celebrate that you have a lovely long weekend filled with family, friends, and of course good food!

Here are some of our ideas for warm cups of holiday cheer to enjoy in good company:

Mocha Dream
  1. Fill a 6-ounce glass with ice. Pour ½ ounce Kahlua over the ice.
  2. Heat Mocha Espresso Sauce slightly until it is fluid, but not too hot. Drizzle 1 teaspoon Mocha Espresso Sauce around the inside top of the glass.
  3. In a shaker place more ice, ½ ounce Kahlua, 1 ounce vodka, 1 teaspoon Mocha Espresso Sauce, and 2 ounces light cream or whole milk. Shake vigorously. Strain and carefully pour cream mixture over the ice … enjoy your Mocha Dream

Hot Peppermint Patty

• 1 box Stonewall Kitchen Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows

• 4 cups hot milk

• 1 oz. peppermint schnapps

• 1 tsp. crème de menthe

  1. Prepare the Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows following the directions on the package.
  2. Combine the liqueurs into each serving glass.
  3. Add the Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows into each glass and enjoy.

Raspberry Liqueur Hot Fudge Coca
  1. Fill a 8-ounce mug with warm milk.
  2. Heat Chocolate Raspberry Sauce slightly until it is fluid, but not too hot.
  3. Stir in 2 Tablespoons of Chocolate Raspberry sauce. (You can add more or less to your taste)
Not a chocolate lover? Try topping your mulled cider with whipped cream and our Dulce de Leche Sauce!

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