Monday, August 1, 2011

Behind the scenes in the Photography Studio

Hello blog readers! Did you have a nice weekend? I sure did. It was perfect beach and BBQ weather here in New England. The same 'relaxing-with-friends' feeling that we were going for in these photos.

Did you ever wonder how we make photographs like these? I photograph for our website and catalogs here in our in-house studio. I was thinking that you, our blog readers, might enjoy a snapshot showing behind the scenes on a photoshot. Below is what the studio looked like when I was shooting these summer entertaining photographs.


I'm lucky to be able to shoot in a studio that has great access to natural light so I can mix the window light with our studio lighting. And yes, we did have a big tree branch in the studio that day! Steve, one of our merchandise buyers, and I thought that it added a little touch of outdoors to the photo. What do you think? If enjoy this behind the scenes blog post let us know and we'll show you some more behind the scenes looks here at Stonewall Kitchen.


  1. As a photographer, I love to see the story behind the story. Thanks for sharing it, please post more!

  2. I like seeing behind the scenes! It would also be fun to see how a new flavor is developed, maybe your factory, and other secret places behind all that jam!

  3. I love these behind the scenes posts, too. The Stonewall Kitchen photos have always inspired me and it's fun to get a look at how they're done.

  4. Thank you for your comments! Perhaps we'll show you the behind the scenes on another photo shoot and in our production department. We've got some good ideas so stay tuned!


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