Thursday, August 18, 2011

August Afternoon

Nubble Light in August

While we are hastily working to get things together for the upcoming holiday season, as in Thanksgiving and Christmas, not Labor Day, a recent after work bike ride reminded me it is still fully summer in Maine. A bright and sunny Friday afternoon lead me from the busy day at Stonewall Kitchen: around the corner, down the road and up the hill to another equally as busy place, Nubble Lighthouse  (Sohier Park) in August, where I took this picture from. I am told this is the most photographed lighthouse in the whole country and it is right around the corner from Stonewall Kitchen.  A reminder of how lucky we are to call this place home. There she sits, all content and peaceful watching over the Atlantic and leading the way for sea-faring vessels and tourists clad in plaid.

Around here lots of us stick around in the summer.  There really is no better place to be.  We are already in "Vacation Land" so our vacations usually mean enjoying being just where we are.  What about you, what fun mini-adventures did you enjoy this summer? 

It's not over yet! Be a tourist in your own backyard.  Happy Summering!

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