Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cooking... is it better with photos?

I'm wondering: when you're cooking do you need to see a photo of the finished recipe; like this one for Baked Herb Eggs? Or do you not care about seeing an exemplary photo? Everyone has heard the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Of course, as Stonewall Kitchen's photographer, I would love to believe that it's true! I don't think it's just the photographer in me speaking here. I do love to make photos; but I also love to cook... and to eat! I find that the big cook books (the ones that are the same thickness as a phone book) are great for looking up classic recipes. However, when it comes to trying something new I really want to see a picture. If I can see a photograph I feel more confident that I've gotten it right and that my cooking creation won't embarrass me if I serve it to friends!

What do you, our blog readers, twitter followers & Facebook fans, think? Give us your opinion! Use the list here on our blog between now and 10AM on Monday and you'll be entered to win a copy of our new appetizers cookbook. Just looking at this big beautiful photograph, by Stonewall Kitchen co-owner Jim Stott, I'm thinking that a few more people are going to become "cooking is better with photos" believers!

Check back Monday, after the contest has ended, to see who has won!

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  1. I looked at all of the cookbooks in my book store today and NONE OF THEM had the really great photos backing them up except yours.

    Love your eye and will continue to look for more good things from your corner of the kutchen!

    Susan York


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