Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Winter Farmers' Market

Something that many New Englanders look forward to every summer is the Farmers' Market. It's the place to get fresh fruits and vegetables grown in your own backyard. We got our start at the Farmers' Market back in 1991 and it created a great foundation for Stonewall Kitchen. It is one of the places that has inspired many of our delicious products.

I have good news for those that thought they could only experience the Farmers' Market in the middle of the summer ... Winter Farmers' Market. It is a growing trend here in the Seacoast and in lots of other parts of the country. I really hope it is not just a trend, but something that will be around for a long time. I love going to the Farmers' Market and getting fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, flowers, etc. All while supporting the local farmers and vendors. There is always such a great variety of products and some you never knew existed. Have you ever heard of Dessert Hummus? I had never heard of such a thing until my last visit and let me tell you, it is delicious. I got the Chocolate Mousse Hummus and it disappeared almost as quickly as I got it home.

The excitement has definitely caught on in the Seacoast. There is always a steady stream of shoppers at the Local Winter Farmers' Market, which is held at various locations throughout the area. For a complete listing of locations in the Seacoast you can visit the Seacoast Eats Local website.

It has also become popular in other parts of the country. Here is a link so you can find out if there are any Winter Farmers' Markets in your area. http://www.localharvest.org


  1. The dessert hummus lady sells all those great flavors across the parking lot from Stonewall Kitchen in York at the Farmer's Market in the summertime! I go there every week and get a different flavor. It is totally addictive!
    Richard ( SWK Cooking School)

  2. If your looking for Farmers Markets in Maine this winter....

    Wednesday @ Allen, Sterling & Lothrop Rt. 1 Falmouth

    Saturday @ Skillins Greenhouse, Rt. 100 W. Cumberland

    Saturday @ Ft. Andross, Maine St. Brunwsick

    I sell soap on Wednesdays and Saurdays (Ft. Andross. The markets that I am part of are great and offer a huge range of products. From fresh eggs, cheese, and local raised meats, to prepared foods, baked breads, pies and cookies, to crafts such as my 100% veggie soaps, Alpaca knit items, aprons and more.

    It is a great opportunity for farmes and craftsmen to continue to sell their items year 'round.

    Shannon (Casco Bay Soap)


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