Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gourmet Babies

As New England winters go, this one hasn’t been terribly snowy for those of us in the general vicinity of Stonewall Kitchen’s home office in York, Maine. Just a few days ago, I was marveling at the fact that my boots have been sitting idle in the mudroom for nearly a month. My car’s snow brush and ice scraper have been relocated from their usual winter home of the back seat to the trunk. A stark change from Winter ’07-’08 when New Hampshire experienced the second snowiest winter or record, and Winter ’08-’09 when blizzards occurred every single weekend.

Of course, yesterday’s storm changed the heretofore mild Winter of ’09-’10. We heard a lot of meteorologists saying things like “winter storm warning,” “Alberta clipper,” and “heavy snow.” And this time, they were right. At my house, there were 10” of thick-yet-fluffy snow coating everything in sight – even vertically. Walls, stop signs, phone poles; it was a vision all in white, and frankly, a nice change from dead brown grass and leafless trees.

The folks in the Mid-Atlantic region have been repeatedly hit with blizzards of New England proportions with historic snowfall totals, perplexed plow drivers, and so many snow days that school may last until July. Our friend, Nora in North Carolina, sent us this great photo of her son, Cooper, in an improvised sleigh. Says Nora, “I'm sure you Yanks have cute little baby sleds. This is the way gourmet rednecks get by! And yes, I reinforced the corners with designer duct tape!”

Well, all us Yankees agree that Nora did a fine job using some New England ingenuity to build a sleigh for young Cooper. Right down to the Stonewall Kitchen box!

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