Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Holiday treats for you!

Call me the grinch (my husband does) but I firmly believe that Thanksgiving should have its day before we start listening to holiday music and wrapping gifts. Every year the commercials seem to start earlier, yet every year I wait to embrace the spirit of "the season" until I've had my fill of turkey and cranberry sauce. So now that I've eaten all of my leftover pie I'm ready for snow & holiday lights - are you?

At Stonewall Kitchen we have several new things planned just for the holidays. You may have already started to see them. If you're like me you are receiving more and more tweets & emails filled with special deals so I thought you might like to know exactly what we're up to!

Tip of the day-
• Where to find it:
• What it is: These will be tips to help you through the holidays. We started yesterday off with how to make an advent calendar using our mini jars! Today's tip is a Holiday Planning Calendar. We wanted to help take a little bit of that stress away by sharing with you a basic plan for the holidays that has always worked for us. Keep checking back each day for all 20 tips!

Deal of the day -
• Where to find it:
• What it is: Everyday we'll have a special sale price on a holiday gift. Today's deal is Grab & Go Collection for $99.95 - Save over $50 dollars plus free shipping. Take 6 people off your list with 1 purchase!

And if you missed our black friday 20% off you'll have one more chance with this friends and family coupon!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Stonewall Kitchen!

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