Friday, October 22, 2010

Harvest on the Harbor this weekend

Clearly our cooking school has it in for me. They've been torturing me for the past two days! This weekend they're sampling bread pudding at Harvest on the Harbor. This requires making enough bread pudding to feed 4,000. In order to bake up that much they're using every oven in our entire building...including the one down here in the photo studio. So, for two days I've been constantly smelling delicious double chocolate bread pudding! ALL DAY. Oh the torture! It looks like I'll just have to attend to get a taste!

It doesn't take much arm twisting to get to me to go to Harvest on the Harbor. It's a foodie's heaven with sampling from a huge marketplace! You'll also find a grilling stage and a sweets stage where you'll be able to see us and this bread pudding I've been talking about. Here is the full list of presenters. Tickets are available here for session I (12-2:30) or II (4-6:30). For our friends in Boston, Portland is only a 2 hour drive and the foliage is currently beautiful and at it's peak!

Did you ever wonder what goes into making bread Pudding for 4,000? Approximately:
- 75 loaves french bread
- 3 cases of cream
- 2 cases of eggs
- 30 pounds dark chocolate chips
- 16 pounds white chocolate chips
- 20 pounds sugar
- 3 gallons of milk
- 1 quart of vanilla
& guess how many jars of our Dulce de Leche dessert sauce?


  1. Now I wish I still lived in Boston so that I could scoot up to Portland for this event. Looks like great fun.

    How MANY jars of dulce de leche DID you use? :-)

  2. Oh, I feel hungry suddenly..:)

  3. It is great bread,
    Good picture,
    How can I try your food?
    Do you have a branch in San Jose?

  4. Carole, I'm waiting on the final tally of jars from the cooking school but I'll let you know!

    Kindleweblog, We don't have any company stores in San Jose. However, you can use our Store Locator ( for find our products at a retailer near you.

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