Thursday, June 2, 2011

From the Garden to the Kitchen - Opening this weekend!

Every year Jonathan plans something special for our gardens like last year's top secret garden project. This year the gardens are even more elaborate for our 20th anniversary! Jonathan King along with curator Mary Harding and landscape designer Jacqueline Nooney have created a two part exhibition called 'From the Garden to the Kitchen.' Artwork will be featured in the gardens at our York Company Store, as well as at the George Marshall Store Gallery here in York, ME. (click below to see the full sized exhibition announcement)
The gallery portion of this exhibition opens this weekend at the George Marshall Store Gallery. We are especially excited excited for the opening because myself, Katie Ring - Photographer at Stonewall Kitchen, and Melissa Lyford - Graphic Designer at Stonewall Kitchen are featured artists in the show. We hope that if you're in York you'll be able to stop by the gallery to see the artwork. The gallery portion of the show runs from Saturday June 4th until July 11th.

Also opening this weekend is our local farmer's market. Be sure to check out Stephanie's post about it for more info.

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