Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Entertaining

When it comes hosting a holiday, planning the dinner can be the biggest challenge! In case you missed Ina Garten on Tuesday's Today Show I'll share what I think was her best advice: keep it simple! There is no reason to be a stressed out host or hostess. Cook simpler dishes so you will still be able to enjoy your guests!

This Easter is the first major holiday that my husband and I are hosting. As my head started spinning with all of the preparation, I decided to pause, breathe, and simplify. Traditionally, our holiday family gatherings center around dinner. However, with 13 guests in a condo, seating that many people seemed daunting. My solution? Easter brunch buffet. I mean really, isn't a meal on a Sunday at 1pm more brunch than dinner anyway? I thought to myself, if I'm going to pull this off I need to plan ahead! Hopefully my advance planning can help you with you menu too.

-Champagne Bellini
- Bloody Marys (both with Stonewall Kitchen drink mixers)
- Old Farmhouse Chutney Cheeseball with french bread crostini toast
- Fresh Fruit
- Ask mom to bring an appetizer

- Maple Glazed Ham
- Macaroni & Cheese
- Oven Roasted Yams & Potatoes
- Baked Herb Eggs
- Glazed Green Beans

- Mini Carrot Cake Whoopie pies (to make them "mini" just use smaller spoonfuls of batter and keep an eye on them while baking for less time)
- Easter Cupcakes (see all of the Barefoot Contessa Baking Mixes here)
- Ask an Aunt to bring a dessert

Is anyone else out there starting to plan menus? Please share your ideas! Maybe you'll be a guest instead of a host this year. In that case don't forget to ask "what can I bring?" You can see more of our menu suggestions here!

What I haven't figured out yet is my decor. Luckily, I work here, and we have lots of great decorative spring items both online and in our stores!

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  1. Good luck hosting your first holiday dinner!


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