Monday, January 23, 2012

Over 40 new products launched this month! How our products go from ideas to the shelves.

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Our New Aioli Collection
Our resolutions here at Stonewall Kitchen are the same each year:  Create quality innovative products that our customers will love.  We work hard throughout the year meeting, tasting and creating and are proud to bring you over 40 new products this January! 

There are several steps to developing a new product and are often worked on for over a year to get them to meet the Stonewall Kitchen standards of quality.  Here is a very quick overview of what our products will go through before they reach the shelf for purchase;

  • Ideas:  we gather ideas from employees, customers, friends, family, tradeshows and more.  We love hearing suggestions and take every suggestion into consideration.  Our product development team meets on a weekly basis to discuss everything from new flavor profiles to entire new product lines.
  • Test Batches:  Our in-house Research and Development team gets to work once product ideas have been selected.   They spend hours developing and perfecting recipes for our sampling team to taste.
  • Sampling:  Our sampling team, built up of employees spanning all departments who have been trained on how to use all senses when sampling, will then sample each and every test batch created, providing criticism, suggestions and compliments.
  • Results:  Based on the results of the sampling team, the product will either be reworked by our R&D team, sent on to be created for production or slightly altered to meet the Stonewall Kitchen standard.  Products can often go through months and months of sampling before it is perfected. 
  • Production:  Once recipes are altered to accommodate large batch size for production, they are then produced in our facility here in York, ME. 

This January, we are launching over 40 new products, including 2 entire new product lines:  Simmering Sauces and Aiolis.  We are so excited to share our newest creations with you!  A few of our favorite new products include;
All the complex flavors of red wine, mirepoix and a little tomato blend to make this rich and truly flavorful sauce.
An employee favorite from our Cafe is now available to enjoy at home.

With the flavor of fresh basil, no one will ever know this crust is Gluten-Free.

Great to use on a simple salad of mixed greens and goat cheese, or use as a marinade or dipping sauce.

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