Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good Day for Pizza

I love pizza, like most of you - according to the statistics out there, 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly. I am fairly certain most of us can site our favorite pizza experience down to the exact moment and location. My love for pizza came to me from being raised in New York. Weekends were spent exploring the limitless culinary boundaries of Manhattan and inevitably involved a slice of the pizza. Not any pizza, but a large slice that takes two hands to fold and requires a learned technique of maneuvering to ensure that first bite includes a taste trifecta of dripping cheese with sweet tomato sauce, finished off with a chewy, almost tangy crust – while walking.

Now I prefer my pizza sitting down and have come to accept that all pizza is not necessarily created equal, but no matter the variety or style it is still a good thing--a very good thing. And an especially good thing is when you can make a good pizza at home with very little effort. You may call me biased, since my latest attempt at home-cooked pizza came in the form of a boxed version from Stonewall Kitchen, my place of employment, but I can assure you this is one tasty pizza pie.

I used the Stonewall Kitchen Pizza Crust Mix (we have a gluten-free version too!) and Stonewall Kitchen Classic Pizza Sauce.  For toppings I used local, sausage from the winter farmers’ market, caramelized onions and fresh mozzarella cheese. The directions are right on the box and it makes a really nice sized and tasty pizza in less than 30 min., not including baking time.  The dough does not require an hour to rise, only the yeast mixture needs to sit for 10 min. A great meal to have on-hand when the weather keeps you inside.  You can purchase all of our pizza items online, at one of our company stores or at a number of food merchants across the country.

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