Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stonewall Kitchen Celebrates 20 Years Today!

Happy Birthday Stonewall Kitchen!  Its been twenty years…

The cake was delicious (do I have frosting on my face?) and the ice cream sundaes were equally as tasty, just the right amount of rich chocolate sauce (Stonewall Kitchen, of course), whipped cream and candy topping. It was gone before we had a chance to snap a picture and share our birthday celebration with you!  So sorry, but we promise a summer of celebration so come visit us in York, Maine, there will be plenty of delicious food and treats to enjoy.

Today marks our twentieth anniversary.  Twenty years ago to the day, on May 11, 1991 we set up a small card table at the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market to sell the jams we had just finished making and labeling the night before.

There was no plan when we started, honestly.  It all started because of our passion for horticulture and cuisine. We would can our garden produce and turn it into jams, sauces, and mustards, which we would give to friends and family as gifts. In 1991, by total chance, a friend that adored our homemade jams convinced us to sell them at the local farmers’ market. When we sold out that first day we figured we might be on to something and decided to come back the next Saturday. 

Each week our booth got busier and busier.  Word got around about these two guys that sold the best and most unique products around. Soon we were doing five different farmers’ markets and selling hundreds of jars each week. Our friend from Tuttle’s Red Barn asked if she could sell our products in her retail store, so began our wholesale business.  In 1995 we attended our first International Fancy Food Show in NYC. This lead to several product recognition rewards called sofi awards, Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation, the Oscars of the specialty food industry.  Since 1995 Stonewall Kitchen has received 26 prestigious awards from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, and has been awarded the coveted Outstanding Product Line Honors three times.

In 2000, we built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in York, Maine. This facility is now one of the most popular Maine tourist attractions. Visitors enjoy our Flagship Company Store, Cooking School, Cafe, Manufacturing Viewing Gallery and strolling through our spectacular seasonal gardens. We have lots planned for this year’s garden

Twenty years have gone by like the blink of an eye. Each year is as exciting as the past. We look back and are humbled by our accomplishments, but so proud of the company we have created.

Thanks for all the well wishes!  We hope you can come celebrate with us soon!       

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