Friday, April 22, 2011

What are you doing for Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day! What will you do for the Earth today? Your action doesn't have to be large; even starting a garden in your own backyard can be good for the earth. Find more green ideas and make your pledge at:

If you pledge is gardening, we can help! Flowers mixed in with vegetables can make for a very attractive garden. Did you know that here at Stonewall Kitchen we had beets growing among the flowers? Below you can see guests stopping to admire the purple beet leaves.

Visitors in the Stonewall Kitchen gardens

The most wonderful part about our gardens is their beautiful and elaborate design. Every time you walk by there is something new and unique to see! So, as you begin to plan our own garden we hope we can inspire you with some of our garden decor ideas!

Also, stay tuned for updates about this year's garden! Do you remember last year's post about Jonathan's secret garden project? Well this year he has something even bigger and better planned...stay tuned!

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