Friday, February 4, 2011

Are you watching the Super Bowl this weekend?

I've been feeling like no one is really into the Super Bowl this year. Then I saw Greg, from tech services, decked out in full attire and carrying around his football. He has even been spotted cradling the ball during meetings. Today Greg and his Green Bay Packers football are inseparable! I was wrong, even though our beloved Patriots have been defeated there are still some people in New England who are excited about the Super Bowl.

Are you watching 'the big game' this Sunday? For those of you who are attending super bowl parties, here are some snack ideas for you to bring along.

Our Pretzel & Dip Grab & Go Gift. This is the perfect no-fuss snack gift. We wrap it for you and the host doesn't even need to dirty a dish. Go ahead & dip your pretzels right in the jar.

Are you more the do-it-yourself type? We're here to help with some easy snacks that look so good they'll make your friends think that you slaved away in the kitchen for their snacking pleasure! Head on over to our website and take a look at all of our appetizer recipes. My favorite is the Old Farmhouse Chutney Cheeseball.

Oh, and...did I say that Greg was the only one around here excited about football this weekend? It seems that John, one of our company store associates, is just a bit excited too!

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