Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top Food Trends of 2010 according to NASFT

Historic Poster from US Food Administration archives

We are a bunch of foodies around here, and rightfully so, seeing this happens to be a perfect fit for our line of work.  While others may fret over the fashion trends of the past year, the best movies or the predictions of musical metamorphism of certain pop stars, our palettes (literally) are satisfied at the release of the 2010 Food Trends. Don your neck napkin and be prepared to lift your fork with us as we gasp at such gastronomical implications; some may fall to the undesirable (think Meat Dress: Lady Gaga). Please remember we are only the messenger, these trends in no way reflect our own personal taste (or future production plans) but they are sure fun to read about. Brought to us by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade Inc. (NASFT), a not-for-profit trade association for food artisans, importers and entrepreneurs. (
1.    A-List Chefs Lend a Hand – Celebrity chef’s give back to good causes, such as Jamie  Oliver’s Food Revolution.

2.   A  Movement Towards Hyperlocal– The benefits of sustainable eating are environmental, ethical and financial, realized by consumers, restaurateurs and shops.  

3.   The Moving Food Truck Revolution – Boldly decorated, eye catching vehicles that serve far more than your standard dog are blowing their horns all across the country.

4.   Pistachios: Entangled Lines of Food and Celebrity - Sales of this healthy snack increase by 233 percent.  Ad campaign features some controversial D-list celebrities and utilizes its viral effect to increase sales.

5.   Fried Beer at the Texas State Fair – Beer and Fried, need more be said?

6.   NYC Food Vendors are Turning Greener- Utilizing solar power and biodegradable servingware to dish out organic food and complete the food chain.

7.   Sea Buckthorn: The Next Superfruit Surfaces – Vitamins A, E and C converges on the vine to produce the highest antioxidant level of all known fruits, straight from the Himalayas and found in new teas and several other healthful consumer products.

8.   Tradition is Fashionable with the Comeback of the Butcher Shop – Sam the Butcher is at it again offering high quality meats and a plethora of knowledge, how did we ever let these slip away?

9.   Macarons turn Cupcakes into a “Has Been” – Just as intriguingly colorful, simply tiny in size but big on delectable taste.

10. Bustaurants and Reservations may soon be Required – Not a restaurant and not just a food truck, the newest attempt in the mobile (as in vehicle) food space.
And ten more NASFT researched trends can be found at:
Enjoy! And make sure you get a taste of some of our new trends for 2011 soon!

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