Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cooking School Antics

We have a fabulous Cooking School here at Stonewall Kitchen. If you've ever been to a class than you know Richard, the Cooking School's Assistant Manager. Richard is usually up to something during class. He can be seen goggling questions from the back of the room as well as running up to the front of the class to show off a tool that the chef is using. He then finds a humorous way to remind guests that this particular gadget is sold in the cooking school's store. Yes, Richard can make even cooking gadgets funny. When he's not there the cooking school guests always want to know, "WHERE IS RICHARD?"

So, I knew that I could count on him to help me out with a little fun. It all started because I was going to photograph some soup that was being served in class that day. When there is a dish that we want to show off - we photograph it. Lately we've even discovered a talented photographer, Jess, among the school staff - so look out for even more food photos on our Cooking School Facebook page coming soon! But that's a story for another day. Anyway, last week this bowl of soup was brought into the studio for me to photograph.

I made a soup portrait and posted it, along with the recipe, to our Cooking School's Facebook page. Shortly after posting  I saw Lynnie's comment.

We had a guest from the class commenting, live, on Facebook! How wonderful and hilarious. I decided that for this she definitely deserved some more soup. At first Richard wasn't sure about giving her a second helping, but we decided to surprise her. So, in the middle of class we had an extra serving of soup brought out to Lynnie.

She even let me photograph her with it! We know that she enjoyed the soup, of course, because she wrote back to tell us.

It just goes to show that our school is much more fun that any other. Where else would you be rewarded for Facebooking in the middle of class? Thanks to Lynnie & Richard for providing a little mid-day comedy!

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  1. So fun! This makes me want to be in another Stonewall Cooking School class...why oh why can't I live closer!?!


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