Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Introducing our Holiday Tips!

It's official. Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is now upon us. I've already seen plenty of holiday lights, Christmas trees in windows, and this morning my yoga instructor reminded me that Hanukkah starts tomorrow! What's another sign of the Holidays? Our deal of the day and tip of the day. If you're not receiving these sign up for our emails here. Or check our website, here on our blog, and our Facebook & Twitter -- we'll have our tips & deals posted. So, get out your menorah (or see the tip to make one like ours above), head over to the tree lot, or start preparing for your own traditions. We'll be here to help you with ideas for gifts, decorating, & entertaining...now if we could only get it to snow!

♫ I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ♫

Don't know where to start your holiday planning? We've got a to-do list to help you with that!

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