Friday, June 1, 2012

Stonewall Kitchen Mustard Recipe Contest - We Have a Winner!

The votes are in and after much deliberation we have found the winner!  It was no easy task.
First we solicited recipes from bloggers all across the country. Then we sorted through a whole pile of fabulous recipes and blog postings on the recipe creations. Next, we came up with eleven finalists and then passed it off to the Stonewall Kitchen and blogger fans for voting.  Votes were tallied from Facebook, Pinterest and the Stonewall Kitchen Blog to determine the final top three which were:   
Fiddleheads, Shrimp & Flageolet Beans with Champagne Shallot Vinaigrette using Stonewall Kitchen Champagne Shallot Mustard.

Ham and Pineapple Biscuit Sliders with Stonewall Kitchen Spicy Honey Mustard.


Mustard Hoagie Rolls using Stonewall Kitchen Maine Maple Champagne Mustard.


Each of these three recipes tasted delicious and were beautiful culinary presentations which made the final decision so tough.  

The Fiddlehead and Shrimp recipe was not only a beautiful presentation, but the light flavors of fiddleheads, with shrimp, beans, and the asparagus we added, really made for a great dish we would be happy to serve at our next dinner party. The mustard sauce was complex and full of flavor and we really enjoyed dipping our mustard hoagie rolls right in for a lasting morsel of flavor.

The Ham and Pineapple Biscuits were simply delicious. The grilled pineapple was refreshing against the robust mustard sauce and the biscuits rounded out the sandwich in a good-southern-manners sort of way! And we really enjoyed the presentation from the Framed Cooks blog. The pictures were bright and fun. We can envision preparing a plate of these for our next picnic.

The Hoagie Rolls were unique and oh, so tasty!  The texture offered a dense outer layer which protected the soft doughy inside. The tasting panel really enjoyed eating these just as is - without being made into a sandwich. We made a request to our recipe developer to make pretzels out of the dough. She said they came out great as a pretzel too (they must have because we never got to see or taste them - somehow they disappeared in the photo studio!).

And this is what our Judging and Tasting panel consisted of:

And the winner is....drum roll, please! .....Framed Cook's Ham and Pineapple Biscuit!  Congratulations!  
Thanks to each and every blogger and voter who participated in our first recipe contest.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  Be sure to try the recipes from each of our contestants, they really are all so wonderful. Keep an eye out for our next recipe contest. Dessert maybe?


  1. Thank you SO much - I'm so excited! I am also looking forward to trying the scrumptious looking recipes from those other talented bloggers!

    - Kate from FramedCooks

  2. That's fantastic. I can attest to Kate's genius in the kitchen. so glad she won.

  3. Congratulations Kate! Your recipe looks delicious.

  4. CONGRATS Kate!!! I can't wait to make it for my next party!


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