Monday, December 5, 2011

Tips for a Crafty Holiday

Well, here we are, the second week into the holiday season. So many great ideas have passed our desks it is hard to narrow them down, we wish we could do them all!  Each one of our holiday tips comes from a bit of research and our own splash of creativity; we shop for all the materials, cook all the recipes, make each craft, go into our photo studio and work with our photographer to style and shoot each tip. We then write explanations up and post them on our website and here on our blog. It is a lot of work, but a fun team effort we look forward to each year.  We hope you are enjoying these fun holiday ideas as much as we are! You can also view them all here: (box in upper right-hand corner of home page).

Today's tip is all about holiday wall decorations. Your treasured holiday ornaments are just the thing for decorating a tree for the holidays or for adding a little touch of merriment to your home, but here are some ways to extend the holiday spirit to your walls. These are a couple of our favorite and fairly simple ideas:


You can find pre-made wood or cardboard letters in any sewing or craft store. Choose your favorite holiday words … joy … peace … merry … or as we did, noel. Simply spray paint the letters in a color to complement your space. We used a bronze colored spray paint on these oversized letters. Using the new stick on wall hanging tags (found at any hardware store) hang them in any fashion you find pleasing – on a bare wall, or on a sometimes overlooked space like the stairwell. Add decorations of an appropriate height and width to balance out the letters - if you are using the large letters as we did.

Little White Boxes

Similar to a curio box, this adorable decoration is a project you and even your kids might enjoy doing. You can make these boxes in one of two ways. If you’re handy in the workroom (or know someone who is) simply make nine or twelve 3-4” square boxes from plywood. If you are having fun with the kids, find the same number of jewelry boxes or craft boxes from a local craft store. Glue the boxes together and allow them to dry completely before spray painting them the color of your choice. Meanwhile, gather special ornaments, pine cones or trinkets from around the house. Put one item in each box. Use your imagination. Our little piggy is actually a salt shaker dressed up for the holidays with a bright red bow! Hang with wall hanging tags and have fun moving items in and out each year!

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