Thursday, October 13, 2011

With so many kitchen gadgets, what deserves a space in your cabinets?

Now a days, there seems to be a kitchen gadget for just about everything.  Sometimes I find myself wondering where people store all of these gadgets because often they take up an entire cabinet in your kitchen!  Unfortunately, most kitchens have limited space so you need to choose your gadgets wisely.  Recently, at our Holiday kick-off meeting, some of our staff members had a chance to share with us their favorite gadget that they use on a regular basis, here are a few that we found deserve a place in the kitchen.

Polder Cooking Thermometer

Our talented recipe developer, Kim, is in the kitchen developing new recipes with our latest products on a daily basis.  Cooking meats can often be difficult because typically the done-ness is determined by the inside temperature, not a set time.  The Polder Cooking Thermometer can be inserted into the piece of meat you are cooking, while the thermometer itself stays outside of the oven.  With pre-programed temperatures to choose from, simply pick whatever you are cooking and the timer will go off when the inside comes up to that temperature range. 

There are few kitchen gadgets that are only the size of a poker chip!  Eddie from our Portsmouth Store uses the Pot Minder on a regular basis.  For some reason a watched pot never boils, but an un-watched pot?  That boils over in no time and you are left cleaning up!  We can thank the Ancient Greeks for this fantastic idea!  They used to place a piece of antique pottery in their pots to prevent them from boiling over.  Since most people don't have chunks of pottery laying around their homes, the Pot Minder works as a perfect replacement!

I am a big popcorn lover, but as much as I love the convince of microwave popcorn, the ingredient lists often have me attempting the paperbag trick and filling my kitchen with the smell of burnt popcorn.  This little gadget has saved my poor kitchen!  You simply fill the bottom with a layer of kernels, and microwave just as you would a bag of popcorn.  You can even place a pat of butter on the lid so it perfectly melts and pours onto the popcorn, or enjoy it with a little salt and pepper or seasoning.

Please share with us what kitchen gadget deserves a space in your cupboard!

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