Friday, March 18, 2011

A good day to think about CSA's

Wow, what a beautiful day! It was winter here on Monday,our cafĂ© was serving hot caramel lattes and by today, Friday, they are serving iced vanilla lattes. Yes, iced! It was 70 degrees here on the coast of Maine. With the bright sun shining, the snow quickly melting, and the realization that I needed to get rid of the itchy wool sweater, I could not help but think of the bounty of local fruits and vegetables soon to grace our tables once again. And with that, it is time to sign up for your local CSA.

What’s a CSA you ask?

It’s Community Supported Agriculture, meaning you join a farm, buy a share (membership), and over the course of the growing season receive a weekly ration of vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, even fish, depending on what farm you sign up with. We are truly fortunate with all the opportunities available on the seacoast, which you can find in this guide from the group, Seacoast Eat Local and Slow Food Seacoast: Seacoast Harvest Guide. 

However, CSA’s are available throughout the entire country, do a search in your area, you’ll be happily surprised with all the opportunities to eat well.

poster by J. Wirtheim- Victory Garden of Tomorrow
So, what are the benefits of joining a CSA, you ask?
  • You get the freshest food available weekly and directly from the source, which means incredible flavor
  • You get exposed to new flavors and varieties of foods
  • Kids are known to become more enthusiastic about produce from “the farm,” they may actually eat their greens!
  • You help support your local growers and provide them with cash flow at the start of the growing season
  • You enable the farmer to better plan their crops, which results in having the right amount of food at the right time
  • You get great tasting food, did I already say that?

 Another great resource on CSA’s:

These fabulous modern posters by graphic designer, J. Wirtheim out of Portland, Ore are inspired by World War II propaganda posters depicting American’s ambition for a better future and highlight ideals relevant to today, such as the local food movement.

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