Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Surprising Afternoon

I enjoy cooking though I could definitely use some tips since baking is more my forte, so I was more than pleased when I was offered the opportunity to experience our cooking school here at Stonewall.

It seems others were equally as excited as I was. When we walked over to the Cooking School a group of four women were giggling like young girls as they lead their friend blind-folded past our gardens and towards the Cooking School. This was obviously a surprise for a celebratory day. A surprise that is until my co-worker, whose name shall remain unknown, asked these cheerful women if they would mind posing for a picture for the “STONEWALL” blog. Oops! There went the surprise! But the birthday girl seemed ecstatic none the less when she ripped off her blind-fold and exclaimed, “Oh, we’re at Stonewall!”

What a great surprise it was; a perfect way to spend the afternoon with friends, gain some new cooking tips and tricks, receive some great recipes, and of course eat a delicious meal. The Stonewall Cooking School was full of eager guests listening attentively as Marge Crossman shared her French cooking skills. A delicious lunch of Mikado salad; fresh French bread loaves; Roti de Porc – boneless pork loin stuffed with fresh mushrooms, crème fraiche, grained Gruyere cheese, with tomato and zucchini fans and Herbs de Provence; and a delightful apricot soufflé with raspberry coulis topped with vanilla bean whipped cream for dessert; a definite surprise for the taste buds and guests alike!

We learned some very helpful tips too. Did you know that you should add salt before the oil when making a vinaigrette; lemon juice helps whiten mushrooms; rub left-over avocado with oil and refrigerate in a plastic bag to prevent it from browning for a couple of days; the green stem of garlic is called the “germ” and it should be removed to prevent a bitter taste, and homemade French bread is quick and easy; spraying salted water on top of the loaf prior to baking creates the perfect crust? Who knew?!

We promise to keep our employees under super secret surprise surveillance the next time you decide to “surprise” someone with a special lunch or dinner at the Stonewall Cooking School! Classes are offered almost every day of the week, just check our new calendar and call 877-899-8363 for reservations.

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