Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recycling for Earth Day and beyond!

Reusing Our Jars

We've found loads of uses for our uniquely shaped jars. They are perfect for storing small items all around the house. From the pantry to the kitchen to the bath you'll find so many uses for the sturdy jars. Some other uses you may not have thought of are:
  • Use them to make a spice rack for the kitchen
  • Store buttons, clasps, and pins in the sewing room
  • Leftovers are clearly visible in the fridge in our jars and the lids stay on tightly.
  • Fill one of our pasta or salsa jars with soup to take to a friend.
  • Kids who love to collect things have a great way to keep them tidy and keep them on display.

And the list goes on and on. Click here to see more

Share your recycling ideas with us!


  1. Love the spice rack idea!


  2. I love the ideas! What a creative post for Earth Day.


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