Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stonewall Kitchen is on Pinterest

Did you know? We’re on Pinterest!  You can find the Stonewall Kitchen Boards here: Follow Me on Pinterest
What is Pinterest you may be asking yourself?  Think of it as an online collaboration of bulletin boards or idea boards.  You can create boards for anything; recipes, food pictures, decorating ideas, favorite outfits, things you want to save for, places to visit; really anything you can think of.  Then you search the web or other boards and start pinning.  You can pin any picture from the web, you just need to add the pin in button to your browser once you request an invite.

Companies like us, Stonewall Kitchen, create boards that relate to their product collections and things they think their followers will like. Our boards include recipes, products for the home, employees coveted kitchen gadgets, posts from others about Stonewall Kitchen and our most recent recipe contest for bloggers

Go ahead, check it out. http://pinterest.com/stonewalkitchen/ 

To start pinning you’ll need to request an invite and you may want to add the Pin it button to your browser so you can easily pin.  They describe all of this on the Pinterest site. Once you start using it, it is quiet self explanatory.  It is a good idea to describe your pins so others know where they can find the original item or idea.

Generally, you will pin to your own boards, but sometimes if you want to share something with a friend or a company, you can pin directly onto their boards (though not all boards allow others to pin to them).

Just be warned, if you like to be inspired by good ideas and like looking at nice pictures and products to buy – this could become addictive.  As they like to say, Happy Pinning!

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