Friday, April 20, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Earth Day at Stonewall Kitchen

While the Stonewall Kitchen employees are participating in Earth Day today while cleaning up the sides of the roads, here are a few ways you can help the environment from your own home!

The mantra, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle has become a simple, yet essential part of the way people live their lives today.  It has fostered new industry and new technology but more importantly a new way of thinking.  If you look close enough, you will see reminders throughout your community of the simple changes you can make each day to reduce your footprint and minimize waste.  As we look forward to Earth Day this Sunday, take a moment to look around your home and find new ways to make a difference.


Plastic bags are quickly being replaced with stylish alternatives for snacks, sandwiches and storage.  Check out these colorful Recyclable Lunch Bags and Glass Storage Containers on our website as alternatives to single use plastic bags. 

Did you know our Fine Home Keeping product line is all natural, plant based and full of essential oils?  Using these products in your home will not only smell great but will reduce the harsh chemicals that make their way into our environment and waterways.  
FHK_Grapefruit Thyme alt


Employees and customers alike have come up with creative ways to reuse the glass jars we package our products in.  At an eco-themed baby shower, my colleagues used a variety of empty jam, pesto and sauce jars to create beautiful flower arrangements that doubled as favors.  Others have used them as vessels for advent calendars, lunch containers, candle holders and terrariums.  The ideas are endless and we would love to hear from you on how you have reused our jars. 

Using candle kits from your local craft store
you can make homemade candles using old
Stonewall Kitchen Jars

Our salsa and pasta sauce jars are great
for storing small toys and trinkets

Here, one of our Stonewall employees resued our jar
and ribbon for a flower centerpiece at a baby shower


Here at Stonewall Kitchen, our corporate office campus has adopted a zero waste program. This program is aimed to divert 90% of our waste from the landfill to recycling and composting facilities. All food waste from our Café, Cooking School and employee cafeteria are composted into fertilizer which is then sold to area farmers and landscapers. The gardens here at our York flagship location will even benefit from this initiative!
If you are driving along Route One in York today, please share the road and watch out for our employees who have volunteered their time to participate in our organized roadside clean up.  Honk for Earth Day! 


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