Friday, July 16, 2010

We ♥ Lobster

Do you love lobster too? In Maine, especially in the summertime, how can you not? Lucky me, I have access to delicious lobster-filled lunches on every day of the week. We decided to feature our cafe's Lobster Mac & Cheese here on our blog and I was in foodie heaven at the mere thought!

Lobster Mac & Cheese - Penne pasta tossed in Mozzarella, Fontina, Parmesan, and Mascarpone cheeses with fresh local lobster meat and thyme, baked until golden brown, topped with rosemary breadcrumbs.

First, don't you just love the cute little All-Clad pot that it's served in? I was impressed just to look at it. Not to worry, this didn't go to waste. (I even shared with my intern Emily) The second we finished shooting, we devoured it! We did pause long enough to enjoy the creamy blend of cheeses, crispy bread crumb topping, and moist chunks for lobster meat - claw meat not tiny pieces! The salad greens with balsamic dressing do pair well with this rich indulgence. I suggest you come visit and order some from our cafe. And get here quick - before I eat it all!

Looking for more classic Lobster offerings? We've got that covered too! See our full menu on our website.

Lobster BLT Sandwich - Fresh lobster lightly dressed with mayonnaise and chopped celery. Topped with cherrywood-smoked bacon, baby iceberg lettuce and vine-ripened tomatoes, served on toasted, local artisan brioche bread spread with our housemade basil aioli spread.

Classic Maine Lobster Roll
Local fresh lobster meat tossed lightly with mayonnaise and celery. Served with crisp lettuce in a grilled buttered New England hot dog roll.

Cafe Lobster BLT Salad - Local lobster meat, tossed lightly with mayonnaise & chopped celery served on a bed of chopped baby iceberg lettuce. Topped with crumbled cherrywood-smoked bacon, slices of vine-ripened tomatoes and housemade croutons. Dressing of your choice.

(Friday Special) Lobster Pot Pie
Chunks of lobster, potatoes, corn, celery, peas and fennel in lobster stock thickened with a roux and our Honey Tarragon Mustard. Served with a demi salad of mixed greens


  1. MAN these look good -- do you have recipes for them? I would love to try them out and put them up on my blog. :)

  2. Thanks Kate! Here is the recipe for the lobster BLT from our Favorites cookbook.

  3. Oh my gosh, so hungry now! We've made lobster rolls twice so far this summer, and my daughter is asking me to make more. I don't know if I can hold out much longer!

    And yes! I adore the little All-Clad pot!


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